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Seraphima makes bespoke garments for historical re-enactors, both civilian and military, male and female.  Most of my customers "play" in the Napoleonic period, portraying both English and French.  Additionally I have made costumes for the English Civil War period and the French Indian Wars in the US. 

In this website I want to give you some idea of the costumes I have made and the kind of outfit I can make for you. Every project I make is unique and personal to you. I will be happy to discuss your ideas with you to come up with the ideal costume. My contact details are given below.

My aim is to provide a garment of re-enactor quality which is as historically correct as general research allows.  Hand sewing was the method used at the time but modern sewing machine methods allow items to be completed at an affordable cost.
The biggest compliment my customers pay me is that their garments are well made, and they fit properly.  I take accurate measurements of all my clients, where practical, and several fittings ensure that the end product is a good fit and "made to measure".  So many outfits you see in re-enactment are ruined by looking as though they've been made for someone else! 

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Based in Northampton UK
Phone: 01327 349828
Fax: 07092 308547